Pet food can Lid

Resealable lid for pet food tins

Pet food can lid

Pet food cans that have already been opened can be sealed with plastic lids, but until now the used spoons have had to be cleaned and stored in a different place after each feed removal. 

This innovative invention solves this problem: the resealable lid for pet food tins is provided with a sealed slot-like opening in which spoons or forks can be placed.

Short description of the invention

The resealable lid has a slot with an additional, permanently elastic and airtight sealing lip. A spoon can be inserted without a problem to remove food from the can.

After portioning, the spoon can remain there even when not in use and is always available.

The air seal of the can is maintained and the food does not spoil.

To guarantee better handling of the spoon, the handle is telescopic and can consist of several parts. This allows the spoon to be locked in place so that it protrudes far enough from the can and at the same time allows the pet food can to be scraped out easily.

The lid itself is elastic and can therefore be used on cans with different diameters or sizes. Its clamping force ensures an airtight seal around the circumference of the container. In addition, the lid has a handle and a grip for more effective use.


Telescoping Spoon/ Scraper

A spoon can be inserted into the lid and remain there after feeding. At the same time, the length of the telescopic handle can be adjusted, making it easier to scrape out the contents of the can.

Hygienically Closable Cap 

The lid closes the pet food tin completely tightly despite the slit and is food-safe. This keeps the food fresh and prevents it from spoiling quickly.

odour-proof storage

Thanks to the invention, the can can be sealed airtight. This prevents unpleasant odours in the kitchen or refrigerator from the pet food or other canned goods.

Elastic form with long-term function

The permanently elastic sealing lip seals the lid airtight despite the slot, and the clamping force makes it possible to fit it to cans of different sizes. The function of the lid is guaranteed for a long time and a continuous circumferential seal is guaranteed.

Area of Application /
Target group

No matter whether dog, cat or other pets: wherever wet food is used, the resealable lid with sealed opening slot is the first choice. 

Wet food is very popular with pets because of its intense flavour, but it can also cause a smell nuisance for humans. The invention keeps the flavours in the food and thanks to the practical spoon, even the last remains can be scraped out of the can. 


Utility model

Type of protection: GER utility model

Reference number: 20 2020 107 579.9

Date of registration: 28.12. 2020

Main claim: Lid (1) for a container (2) with a slot (3) for the passage of a scooping tool (4), characterised in that a sealing lip (5) is arranged on the slot (3).

List of reference signs:1 Lid, 2 Container, 3 Slot, 4 Scoop tool, 5 Sealing lip, 6 Handle, 7 Handle, 8 Seal, 9 Handle



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